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AED supply and service a full range of electroplating processes from the world’s top suppliers. As an independent supply house we are able to choose the best processes to suit our customers needs

Acid and acid additions, solvent degreasers, alkaline and acid cleaners, phosphates, seals passivates and activators. A range of metal strips for chromium, zinc, gold, silver & nickel

Electroplating Process
These include decorative, functional, and precious metal coatings. Some processes include brass, copper, cadmium, chromium, gold, nickel, rhodium, silver, tin, zinc, and alloy plates. See also anodising and Electrophoretic coatings

Electroplating Chemicals & Consumables
Basic chemicals for all plating processes, plus a range of acids and activators, rinse aids and water shedders, fume suppressants, copper wire, safety equipment – gloves, goggles, aprons, boots, visors

Metal Colouring

Chemicals for colouring metals and protective lacquers

Laboratory Equipment
Includes glassware (pipettes, flasks, automatic burettes) pH meters, thermocouple oven thermometers, thermometers, laboratory rectifiers, hull cell equipment. Chemicals include analytical chemicals, standadised solutions, and indicators 

Hobby Plating & Small Plating Kits
A range of plating processes in kit form are available to suit the enthusiast or DIY restorer. See our entry under Hobby Plating

Everything for the plating shop which includes polishing equipment, electroplating tanks, liners, rectifiers, bus bars, racks, titanium baskets, filters and accessories, anode bags, mixed oxide and platinised anodes, heaters, heat exchangers, dosing pumps, pH and conductivity meters

A range of automatic and manually operated pH meters, dissolved solids meters, dosing units

Acids, alkali solutions, complexors, sodium metabisulphite, sodium hypochlorite, magnesium oxide

Specialty Chemicals
Poly Electrolytes – to coagulate metal precipitated to enable easier separation and settling or filtering

A new innovation to precipitate many of the more difficult metals. The exclusive advantage of this material is that it will work in a wide range of pH levels. This can result in the metal being precipitated at a level where the cleaned solution can be dumped without further adjustments

Analytical Service
Includes wet analysis, gas chromatography, atomic absorption and salt spray testing

Effluent Treatment

Chemical treatments are available to neutralize and precipitate
1) Acids and alkalis
2) Metals - aluminium, zinc, copper, nickel, cadmium using complexing and pH precipitation techniques. Chromium – using reducing and precipitation
3) Cyanides – Breakdown of cyanide and precipitation of complexed metals