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Electrocoating E-Coating

Clearclad Coatings, manufactured in the U.K. by L.V.H., are leading electrocatings, marketed world wide.

AED have the Australian distribution for these coatings.

How Does Clearclad Work?
An unfinished product is immersed in a high water-content electrophoretic paint emulsion, and then an electric current is passed through both the product and the emulsion.  The paint particles that are in contact with the product adhere to its surface and build up an electrically insulting layer.  This layer prevents any further electrical current passing through, resulting in a perfectly level coating even in the recessed parts of complex-shaped goods.  The product is then removed from the paint bath and baked in an oven.



Where Can Clearclad be Used?
Clearclad is used as a superior coating for automotive parts, especially those requiring UV protection as top coats it is also a coating process for all metals used in decorative or functional applications.  Used for switch plates, spectacle frames, light fittings, door fittings, bathroom fittings, giftware, furniture, window frames, and more, Clearclad provides either a clear coating, a coloured coating, or it will make inexpensive metals look like gold, brass, copper or bronze.  When silver plating, the application of Clearclad enables the reduction of the quantity of silver required, and thereby achieves the same effect at substantially lower cost.